Consumer Bankruptcy Solutions Ch. 13 & 7

Bredow Law is a debt relief agency. We take immense pride in helping financially struggling people obtain Real Debt Relief. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code

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Zero Down Bankruptcy – Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

Bredow Law is here to help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Start Your Bankruptcy Today!  Receive Affordable and Effective Bankruptcy Advice and Representation From an Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer for as low as $0 down. 

        • $0 to Hire an Attorney
        • $0 for Legal Advice
        • $0 to File a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case
        • No Payments for 30 days
        • Weekly and Monthly Payment Plans, After You File
        • Full Attorney Representation
        • If you qualify, you can even pay $0 Bankruptcy Filing Fees before you file. Filing fees can be paid in installments, after you file

We at BREDOW LAW strongly believe:

  • BANKRUPTCY IS AN HONEST, LEGAL AND ETHICAL SOLUTION to very difficult and persistent financial problems.
  • BANKRUPTCY IS A POWERFUL TOOL AGAINST YOUR CREDITORS and a powerful way to secure a better financial future.
  • BANKRUPTCY IS NOT FAILURE. Bankruptcy done right helps you to succeed faster than without debt relief.

Turn off the Road to Ruin onto the Road to Victory. An experienced and dedicated bankruptcy attorney is here to help you, right now. We proudly help struggling families throughout Southeastern Michigan get back on their feet. We offer bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy solutions to your financial problems. A Bredow Law Bankruptcy can help you Stop Foreclosure and Repossessions, Stop Evictions and Stop Collector Calls. We may even be able to help you recover property and money that has been taken by a creditor or garnished from your bank or wages. Not only can we help you eliminate credit card debt and medical bills, in many cases we can help you lower your monthly payment and the total amount you pay for those debts that you have given your car or home as collateral.

We have represented a diverse legal clientele, including ordinary people, small businesses, landlords, banks, mortgage companies, and mortgage servicers, credit card companies, condominium associations, and homeowner associations, and many others in Chapters 7, 11, and 13 cases. We have also represented the government’s interest in maintaining bankruptcy fairness as part of the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee program. Our broad experience gives Bredow Law attorneys unique insight into the motivations of debtors, creditors, and trustees. We bring all that experience to you. Bredow Law has the broad experience and specialized skills necessary to give the highest quality and most cost-effective representation.

We pledge to help you find a solution to your financial difficulties. We may be able to help you without filing bankruptcy, but in many cases, the power of the Bankruptcy Code to eliminate overwhelming credit card debts, restructure secured debt payments, cure tax delinquencies, stop mortgage foreclosure, stop eviction proceedings, stop garnishments, recover money and property, and put a stop to unfair debt collector harassment often makes it the best solution.

A Bredow Law Bankruptcy Can Help You: Call Bredow Law PLC. We Offer:
Eliminate Credit Card Debt A Free Consultation
Eliminate Medical Debt Bankruptcy and Non-Bankruptcy Solutions
Eliminate or Reduce Non-Qualified Student Loans Affordable Fees
Stop Foreclosure Flexible Payment Plans
Stop Wage Garnishment Low Fee Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Stop Repossession Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Restructure Secured Debts and Lower Payments No Money Down Payments to Qualified Debtors
Eliminate or Reduce Your IRS Tax Debt  
Restore Your Driver’s License  
Get Relief from Payday Loans  
Fight Unemployment Overpayment Fines  
Rebuild Your Credit  
We accept Credit and Debit Cards and offers Secure Internet Payment Options.

(* this low fee is based upon a basic, single debtor Chapter 7 case, only;  cases with multiple debtors, complicated legal issues or Chapter 13 cases.  Fees do not include court filing fees and other costs, your final fee may be higher)

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