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We Represent Creditors When Debtors File Bankruptcy

When you own a small business and you provide a product or service. You work hard to get it done right. You should get paid for your hard work, and when you aren’t…It’s personal. We Can Help.

Sometimes the bill isn’t paid.  We all know that its all part of doing business, but it just isn’t right. But, when a customer or client files for bankruptcy protection you shouldn’t just write it off, consult with Bredow Law.  We may be able to get you paid some or all of your debt.  Not all debts are discharged in bankruptcy.  You may have grounds to protect your debt so you can collect it when the case is over. Other debts have a higher priority than others and can be paid more, sooner.  Some debts have to be paid in full even in bankruptcy. Do you know what type of debt your’s is?  In other cases, in Chapter 13 cases, in particular, you can often receive payment of some or all of your debt over time, but you have to file a claim that meets the strict requirements of bankruptcy law. Bredow Law has the experience and know-how to get you paid, at an affordable price. If you are owed a debt and the debtor has filed bankruptcy, Call Bredow Law we have solutions.

Creditor Representation in Consumer Bankruptcy

    • We Will Review Your Debtor’s Disclosures, Schedules, and Plan.
    • We’ll File Objections To Your Debtor’s Plan To Protect Your Claim.
    • We File A Timely Claim To Protect Your Right To Payment.
    • We Provide Valuable Advice About The Treatment of  Your Debt And Help Assure You The Maximum Recovery.
    • We Gather Information By Attendance At The Section 341 Meeting Of Creditors.
    • We Will Monitor Confirmed Plans, And File Motions to Dismiss When The Debtor Misses Payments.
    • We Will File For Relief From The Automatic Stay To Protect Collateral Or Pursue Co-Obligors.

Representing Landlords In Bankruptcy

    • Bankruptcy Law Has Special Protection For Landlords.
    • We Can File Claims To Get You Paid.
    • Or, We Can File Motions To Get You Clear Of the Bankruptcy.
    • Review Lease Agreements for compliance with the law.
    • Prepare Default Notices/Notices to Quit
    • Prepare and file legal actions for Evictions

Whatever your need. Bredow Law has a solution. Call us now, an experienced Creditor Rights, And Bankruptcy Attorney is here to help.


Bredow Law PLC (248) 795-5516