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Landlord & Tenant

Landlord – Tenant disputes are an all-together too common problem. Many disputes can be avoided if both the landlord and the tenant communicate issues and problems before a call to an attorney is needed. Each side should be aware of and honor their respective rights and responsibilities.

Good Tenants should:

  • Pay your rent on time and in the correct amount.
  • Do not damage property
  • Dispose of your garbage properly
  • Refrain from renting out rooms or sublease the property without, first getting permission from the landlord.
  • Communicate with your landlord regarding any issues with the property promptly and in writing.
  • Cooperate with your landlord to allow inspections and repairs
  • Give at least a month’s written notice of your intention to vacate the property
  • Mail and/or Email your new mailing address to your landlord within 4 days of the date you leave the property.

Good Landlords should:

  • Make property clean, safe and habitable before tenants move-in.
  • Communicate with the Tenant, clearly and in writing.
  • Inspect the Property with the Tenant at the start of the lease. Make a written inventory of any damages.
  • Make repairs that are caused by normal use.
  • Refrain from turning off a tenant’s water, electricity or gas.
  • Give written notice to your tenants when you plan on selling or transferring the property to new landlord.
  • Not unlawfully discriminate.

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